Reading Time: < 1 minute The Vegan Pepperphoni Pizza (Photo: Supplied to Plant Based News)
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Pizza Hut has revealed that sales of vegan pizza doubled during January.

The chain will now expand its animal-free offering – adding the ‘Pepperphoni’ pie it trialed in January to its permanent menu. The Vegan Pepperphoni Pizza (priced from £11.69) – the chain’s seventh plant-based pie – is topped with meat-free ‘Pepperphoni’ made from pea protein and Violife vegan cheese.

According to the outlet, it wants to become a cabon-neutral business by 2030, and plant-based food is part of its plans to achieve this.

‘More responsible’

“At Pizza Hut Restaurants we are dedicated to evolving our practices and processes with the aim of being a more responsible business,” said CEO Jens Hofma.

“Our vegan menu is one of the many initiatives we have in place – including our food donation program and our continued commitment to food waste reduction.

“Having easy access to alternative products will be key to help us stay on track, that’s why we’ve already started introducing milk alternatives at our Restaurant Support Centre and also have a dedicated company vegan group set up for all our team members to share their experiences and useful hints and tips to eating vegan.”

‘Exceeded our expectations’

Veganuary – which had a record-breaking 400,000 sign-ups this year – has been credited for the major boom in plant-based sales.

“With the link between animal farming and the climate crisis making headlines nearly every day we expected Veganuary 2020 to be the biggest yet, but it exceeded all of our expectations,” said Veganuary spokeswoman Toni Vernelli.

“We applaud everyone who took part and encourage them to continue eating vegan food as often as possible. Together we are making an enormous difference for animals and the planet.”

Maria Chiorando

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