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Welsh TV personality and endurance athlete Matthew Pritchard is launching a vegan cooking show tonight on YouTube.

Pritchard’s Proper Vegan Cookin’ will show viewers how easy it can be to create tasty – and cheap – vegan meals.

It won’t be a traditional show, according to Pritchard, who says there’ll be: “None of this “Michelin Star sh*t”, just straight talkin’, healthy eating to help you be the best that you can be.”


Known for founding and starring in MTV’s hit show, Dirty Sanchez, Pritchard has since then been breaking world records as an endurance athlete – attributing his success to becoming 100 percent vegan.

The former MTV star is now showcasing healthy eating on YouTube, making veganism accessible to all.

The YouTube cooking show will feature new healthy plant-based recipes every week, starting September 7, 7pm.


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