Reading Time: < 1 minute McDonald's is 'keeping an eye' on plant-based protein (Photo: McDonald's)
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Global burger chain McDonald’s could have more vegan options in the pipeline.

Lucy Brady, a Senior Vice President for the fast food giant, said the company is tracking major trends and how to keep up with them while speaking at the recent Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in California.

Leading vegan media outlet VegNews reported Brady as saying: “Plant-based protein is something we’re keeping our eye on.”

Vegan McDonald’s

The chain has taken major steps over the last year to meet growing demand for vegan food, rolling out its first plant-based burger – the McVegan – in Sweden and Finland at the end of 2017.

McDonald’s is currently trialing a new vegan burger – the El Veggo – in Finland.

And animal-free options could be coming to the UK – last week it was rumored that the chain will be launching a veggie goujon sandwich and wrap in January. When Plant Based News reached out to the chain, it was unable to confirm or deny the rumors.