Reading Time: < 1 minute The rainbow vegetable stew with kale and rosti topping from Morrisons (Photo: Morrisons)
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A vegan has been offered £200 in vouchers after finding meat in a plant-based ready meal.

Lukas Young bought rainbow vegetable stew with kale and rosti topping from a Morrisons supermarket in Edinburgh.

After sampling the dish, he took to a local Facebook group, saying that he had eaten it before and this time it was different – and appeared to have beef mince it in.

Shocked and disgusted

Tests by the supermarket revealed that there was meat in the meal. Young told Edinburgh Live he was ‘shocked and disgusted’ – and that he believes the incident would have been taken more seriously if an allergen like nuts was found in the meal.

“I had had the same exact meal before and it doesn’t contain any meat substitutes so I was pretty certain. I contacted the head of PR for Morrisons who arranged a courier to pick up the meal and send it for testing,” he added.

“He called me back over a week later and confirmed that the sample contained meat. I was partly surprised they told me the truth but also sickened by the results. If meat can end up in their ‘vegan’ meals then what other contaminations might there be in their other food?”

‘An isolated case’

As a result of the test result, Morrisons offered Young the vouchers – which he has given to his parents, saying he does not want to shop in the store again.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “We have apologized to Mr. Young because his meal did include a small amount of meat.

“We’re very sorry he tasted the product before realizing it contained meat. We believe this is an isolated case.”

Maria Chiorando

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