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Vegan meat brand Tofurky has seen its plant-based products skyrocket, despite the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic causing delays in new product launches.

The company’s Founder and Chairman Seth Tibbott, who recently featured on the PBN Podcast, described the surge as ‘astronomical’ after revealing internal data from the last 60 days.


Speaking to Plant Based News, Tibbott said: “Even though Covid-19 has delayed the introduction of several new products, we have seen astronomical demand for our legacy Tofurky items worldwide.

“Year over year increases for individual products have ranged from 42 percent to over 600 percent during the past two months.”

Skyrocketing sales

According to Nielsen data*, sales of plant-based meat from companies including Tofurky and Beyond Meat have skyrocketed 246 percent amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Other plant-based foods had also seen a staggering increase, including dried beans (140 percent), kidney beans (102 percent), and chickpeas (91 percent).

Canned meat had also seen a spike of 104 percent – while food sales for vegetable platters, cupcakes, and sushi have all decreased.

*The data comes from a nine-week period ending on May 2, and was first seen on The Wall Street Journal

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