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Magnum will release two new vegan versions of its popular ice-cream bars in Sweden and Finland next month.

The brand – owned by corporate giant Unilever – will add Magnum Vegan Classic and Magnum Vegan Almond, which are European Vegetarian Union approved, to its existing products.

According to reports, the ice-creams will be made from a pea protein base, coated in dark chocolate. They will be available in four-piece multipacks and singles.

Finland and Sweden are also home to McDonald’s McVegan burger

Finland and Sweden

The magnums are not the first vegan products to be rolled out exclusively in Finland and Sweden.

Last year, fast food giant McDonald’s rolled out its McVegan Burger in the two countries, after trialing it in Finland.

Swedish food brand Anamma, which teamed up with McDonald’s to create the sandwich, noted the growing popularity of meat-free diets in the two countries, saying: “Vegetarianism and veganism are strong trends, and more and more people want to eat more plant-based today.”