$20 Lab-Grown Ice-Cream Sells Out In 24-Hours


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The product sold out in less than a day (Photo: Perfect Day) - Media Credit:

Ice-cream made using lab-grown dairy, with a hefty $20 per pint price tag, sold out in less than 24-hours after its launch last Thursday.

The product was created by agri-tech startup Perfect Day, whose mission is to ‘help people to enjoy the dairy foods they love – products full of delicious taste and luscious texture – all while making the world a kinder, greener place’.

The company launched a limited run of 1,000 pints in $60 bundles of three flavors – vanilla salted fudge, vanilla blackberry toffee, and milky chocolate – and sold them via its website. Co-founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi said they were ‘completely blown away by the response’.


According to Perfect Day, its products are suitable for vegans, as it uses microflora to the casein and whey proteins historically found in milk, but without the use of any animal products.

“We started with a natural type of microflora known to produce large amounts of pure protein for food. Using biotechnology, we gave this flora a ‘blueprint’ that allows it to ferment sugar and create real dairy protein. This is the very same blueprint, in the form of DNA, which cows use every day,” the company says.

“Our protein is made using safe and proven fermentation techniques similar to how many common food components like vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, and natural flavors are made.

“Our process is much cleaner and more resource-efficient than animal farming, and it’s the cornerstone of our new approach to dairy.”

‘Completely new’

“What we’re doing here is completely new to the world,” said Ryan Pandya, CEO and Co-founder of Perfect Day said about the launch of the ice-cream.

“We wanted our first debut to be under the care of our own brand, so that we could demonstrate the consumer benefits inherent to our protein, while starting a conversation about this new approach to making food.”

“Our goal has always been impact – to pave the way for a kinder, greener planet,” added Perumal Gandhi, Co-founder of Perfect Day. “The best way to achieve this will be to work with food companies that already purchase huge amounts of dairy ingredients. While our B2B deals come to fruition, we are eager to share our progress with the world.”

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