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An award-winning Amsterdam-based vegan restaurant has become the first in the world to launch new plant-based Heppi Ribs.

The Junk Food Bar, whose flagship eatery is in Amsterdam, has a further four outlets throughout the Netherlands with a new one set to open in Barcelona in Fall 2020.

According to the brand, it has strived to create eateries where ‘vegans and non-vegans can enjoy vegan junk food together’. The Heppi Ribs have reportedly been created to appeal to ‘vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers’.

Vegan ribs

“The pea-based texture of the Heppi Ribs mimics the taste and mouthfeel of slow-cooked pork ribs, which creates an unforgettable and irresistible bite for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers,” said a statement sent to Plant Based News.

Vegan Junk Food Bar serves two Heppi Ribs dishes: the first features the ribs served as a ‘super-size loaded fries dish’ topped with hoisin, spicy garlic sauce, pickles, and coriander. The second is the Heppi Ribs Burger, served on a bun with lettuce, spring & fried onion mix, hoisin, spicy garlic sauce, pickles, and coriander.

The ribs are made from three ingredients: yellow pea flour, water, and seasoning. They contain 21 percent protein and 1.2 percent carbohydrate.