Vegan Jet Pilot Releases Plant Based Health Guide For Flyers


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Fabrizio and Silvia Poli have authored a health book set to guide flyers on healthy living (Photo: Gus Ruballo) - Media Credit:

An aviation entrepreneur has launched a health book promoting plant-based living for pilots, cabin crew, and frequent flyers.

Written by jet pilot Fabrizio Poli and his herbalist wife, Silvia, the Health4flyers book advises flyers on how to keep healthy while living a jet-set lifestyle.

The authors, who both became vegan 17 years ago, highlight the fact that frequent flyers must be mindful of their diet, considering that being on an airplane puts the body under major stress, making the heart need to pump harder.


Fabrizio Poli told Plant Based News about how the concept for the book came to mind.

“I stopped eating airplane food as my wife and I discovered it is cooked a month before, put in a freezer, and put on the plane an hour before the flight,” he says.

“They also throw a load of chemicals on the food to make it taste good. I started bringing my own food from home and buying food en route to put together in my hotel room for the return flight. 

“As I did this, and was eating vegan, all my colleagues got curious. 

“When I launched into my health lectures at 35,000 feet, I was asked many time to write a book.”


According to Poli, frequent flyers are particularly unhealthy due to the nature of their job.

He even stresses that as a result, many may struggle to have children.

Poli explains: “Cabin pressure is at 8,000 feet, so your body is under more stress and the heart needs to pump harder; and with less oxygen in the air, and the air coming from the engines – this is not doing your body good.

“Add the coffee/tea, airplane water, and the airplane food, and you see that if you are flying once or twice a week, or more, as a frequent flyer you need to watch what you eat.” 


The co-author also mentioned that the book advocates for a plant-based diet, the use of herbal supplements, essential oils, and lots of yoga.

Fabrizio Poli promotes an organic, plant-based diet – both on the plane and in-between flights.

He advises : “Avoid junk food and processed sugar. Have a good meal at home, or in one of the airport restaurants, before getting on the plane.

“Rehydrate with water, not soda, while traveling. Most airlines offer bottled water; make sure you drink water frequently while you are flying.”

Poli also encourages flyers to use essential oil combinations to adjust the body’s frequency.

You can purchase the bookhere


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