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The Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network has partnered with local business Bar Orange to expand its initiative, as the coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread.

Founded by Worthing resident Pia Offord last month, the food bank network is completely volunteer-led. Individuals and businesses have been donating non-perishable, in-date food, and hygiene products.

Local companies including Field Row Bakery, Cactus Kitchen Gals, and Conscious Cow were all part of the initiative – which aimed to ‘help those who are struggling with current daily life’.

‘Fantastic food’

According to Worthing Herald, Jeanette Compton of Field Row Bakery said: “We are teaming up with our friends at Bar Orange to offer even more fantastic food delivered to you or food that can be safely and quickly collected.

“We are able to use Bar Orange’s wholesaler, which delivers everything we need fresh every day, reducing the time we have to go out to the shop and making use of Bar Orange’s self-contained kitchen.”

Compton added the partner would help create a ‘much safer area for our delivery drivers whilst they wait for takeaway collections.

The Worthing Vegan Food Bank Network Group has created a Facebook group for those who want to get involved or to use the free service.

You can also contact Pia Offord directly via

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