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A major high street restaurant chain has created an advert featuring vegan Father Christmas to reflect the rising popularity of veganism in the UK.

Created by Zizzi, it marks the first time a vegan Father Christmas has featured in an advertising campaign, according to the Italian eatery chain.

Vegan Father Christmas is dressed in a dark green velvet and white faux-fur trimmed Santa cloak tucking into the Melanzane Tagliatelle from Zizzi’s vegan festive menu.

Zizzi’s full advert

Vegan options

“We’re delighted to offer such a wide range of vegan dishes this festive period, so it only felt right to have our green Father Christmas represented in our advert,” Rachel Hendry, Head of Brand and Commercial Marketing, said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“More and more diners are adopting a vegan diet and we wanted to ensure that they could enjoy good food and good times with friends and family without missing out on tasty festive dishes.

“This Christmas we are expecting a considerable increase in vegan diners so our menu includes more options for them (and those with other dietary requirements) than ever before. We understand how difficult it can be to organise a Christmas meal and hopefully we really do provide something for everyone.”

Vegan is mainstream

“2018 has been the year that veganism has truly gone mainstream, reflected by the fact that a major high street brand has chosen to put a vegan Father Christmas front and center in its advertising campaign,” added Dominika Piasecka from The Vegan Society.

“It also celebrates the fact that there is now so much more choice for vegans when it comes to dining out and that diners are no longer left with a tasteless or bland plate of food.”

You can watch the full advert on YouTube here

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