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Los Angeles’ annual Vegan Fashion Week will return next month, despite concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The event, which ‘explores the challenges surrounding ecological and climate change through the lenses of fashion, ethics, sustainability, and animal rights’, will take place on April 2-4.

‘Fashion is activism’

“Now is a very important time to share our message and draw connections between sustainability and ethics,” Vegan Fashion Week creator and fashion activist Emmanuelle Rienda said in a statement.

“Animal exploitation is directly linked to the virus outbreak, the Australian bushfires, the Amazonian forest fires, and our current global environmental crisis.

“I want to inspire positive change and elevate the conversation through fashion because fashion is activism.”

‘Protect participants’

The threefold event, which follows the theme ‘expansion’ this year, will feature a designer showroom, a panel series, and a collective fashion show – which will take place in ‘an intimate setting by invitation only’.

Rienda also states measures have been put in place ‘to protect the health of event participants’ and ‘reduce carbon footprint’.

You can view Vegan Fashion Week’s full Coronavirus Statement here

Liam Giliver

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