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Acclaimed vegan surgeon Ellsworth E. Wareham, MD has died aged 104.

Wareham, who was born in 1914, studied medicine at Loma Linda University in 1942. He continued to perform surgeries into his 90s retiring aged 96.

The surgeon, who died on Saturday, was famously active up until his death – with a famous CCN interview in 2015 showing him mowing his lawn, and describing him as ‘robust’.


After two years of junior college, Wareham spent two years out of school, this was the period he decided to study medicine.

“It was when I was out of school that the definite conviction came upon me that I should take [up] medicine,” he said. “I might say that it was as strong as hunger. It wasn’t just a vague idea. There was no other option.

“It wasn’t whether I had the money or didn’t have the money or how I would accomplish it. I had to accomplish it, no matter what it took to do.”

Wareham is interviewed by CNN

Vegan diet

A Seventh-day Adventist, Wareham credited his faith, exercise, and vegan for his longevity. “I think it’s important for an individual to have some security and peace in his life,” Wareham reportedly told National Geographicmagazine in 2008.

“And I get that from believing in a loving, caring God, you see. And so if He’s in charge of my life, why sit around and worry? I mean, He takes care of the universe, He can certainly take care of me, so I don’t worry.”

Wareham is survived by Barbara – his wife of 68 years, four children, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

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