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People following a vegan diet are less likely to have cardiometabolic risk factors compared with those who eat animal products, according to a new meta-analysis.

Researchers behind the new paper, Cardiometabolic risk factors in vegans; A meta-analysis of observational studies, analyzed 40 studies from more than a dozen countries to compare outcomes for people consuming vegan diets with those consuming omnivorous diets.

“In most countries a vegan diet is associated with a more favourable cardio- metabolic profile compared to an omnivorous diet,” the authors concluded.

Vegan diet health benefits

“Researchers found that people following vegan diets consumed fewer calories and less saturated fat and had lower body mass, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and fasting blood glucose, compared with controls,” said the Physicians Committee, a pro-plant-based health organization led by acclaimed physician Dr. Neal Barnard.

“In Taiwan, there were fewer differences between the vegan and non-vegan groups.

“The authors suspect those defined as vegans in Taiwan adhere less strictly to a vegan diet while the omnivores there consume fewer animal products, compared with populations in other countries.”