Reading Time: < 1 minute The collection is 'a bold, relevant edit of luxurious streetwear' (Photo: Stella McCartney)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Sustainable fashion designer Stella McCartney has launched a ‘genderless’ capsule collection as part of its ‘Our Stella McCartney Shared’ campaign.

The unisex range aims to express ‘individuality, diversity, and positivity in the face of climate change and social revolution’ – and is described as ‘a bold, relevant edit of luxurious streetwear’.

It features a tote bag, shirts, sweaters, trousers, trench coats, ‘featherless and cruelty-free’ puffer jackets, and ‘structured hiking boots’. Prices start from £225 ($299).

‘Commitment to sustainability’

On its website, Stella McCartney said: “Staying true to [our] commitment to sustainability, jersey t-shirts and sweatshirts are made from 100 percent organic cotton – using up to 70 percent less water than conventional cotton and no toxic chemicals or pesticides.

“Recycled polyester was also used for the capsule collection’s parkas, reducing the need for virgin petroleum-based materials.”

Fashion Week

Earlier this year, Stella McCartney’s Paris Fashion Week show saw models dress up as animals to push the message that ‘animal skins don’t belong on the runway’.

“What we try to do is to sugarcoat a powerful, meaningful message in a little bit of humour and fun, to make our point in a palatable and digestible way so that people listen,” said McCartney to the Guardian.

“These animals are the ingredients of everyone else’s fashion shows. We are the only luxury fashion house in the world that isn’t killing animals on the runway. I wanted to make that point, but in a joyous way.”

You can shop the collection here

Liam Giliver

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