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Vegan brand, Yooga, will debut its collection of dairy-free yogurt at more than 150 Walmart stores from July.

Yooga’s products, which are made primarily from coconut cream and finely milled chia seeds, come in five different flavors: Vanilla Bean, Tumeric Golden Milk, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Sea Salt Chocolate.

Priced at $1.99 per cup, the dairy-free yogurts contain probiotics, omega 3s, and half the amount of sugar than some of its competitors. The brand has alsoattracted high-profile investors such as Bill Moses, Co-Founder of Kevita.

‘The best plant-based yogurt’

“It doesn’t have that runny, gelatinous, or grainy texture that you get in a lot of other plant-based yogurts, and consumers tell us that it’s by far the best plant-based yogurt they’ve had,” Jody Polishchuk, Founder of Yooga, told Foodnavigator USA.

Polishchuk also argued that ‘no one has really cracked the code yet’ when it came to the dairy-free yogurt market – but argues ‘Yooga stands out’ on the shelf.

Vegan yogurts

Last year, a report by Research and Markets highlighted veganism, health concerns, and lactose intolerance as key factors in the growth of dairy-free yogurts.

Top performers in dairy-free yogurt sales listed include brands such as Oatly, Kite Hill, and Almande. The report cited increased demand and tactful marketing as opportunities for such companies to continue to excel in their market.

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