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Food awareness organization ProVeg International has created a new initiative to help people reduce or completely cut out the consumption of animal products.

The Veggie Challenge, which has already garnered more than 160,000 sign-ups, allows participants to choose their own month-long goal.

‘Very accessible’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Director at ProVeg South Africa Donovan Will said: “One of the main things that differentiate our challenge from other vegan challenges is participants can sign up for 30 days of veganism, vegetarianism, or even just a few meat-free days a week – so it’s very accessible, even for people who think trying vegan is way too much.”

ProVeg’s website reads: “Join the ProVeg Veggie Challenge and try eating more plant-based for 30 days.

“It’s better for your health, better for the planet and better for animals. Get a healthy start with your personal Challenge. We’ll help you along the way with free tips, recipes and support.”

Meaty March

The announcement follows the re-launch of the industry campaign ‘Meaty March‘ – which aims to replicate Veganuary’s record-breaking success.

The pro-animal product initiative has already been ‘hijacked‘ by vegan company Meatless Farm who recently handed out plant-based burgers to members of the public, before revealing that the meaty patties were actually made from plants.

You can sign up for the Veggie Challenge here

Liam Giliver

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