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A fifth of Brits will be catering for vegetarian and vegan diners around the Christmas dinner table, according to a new report.

The research, by retail giant Tesco, also looked at which areas were more veg-friendly than others.

There’s a clear North/South divide going on, with Brighton being crowned the ‘vegan capital of the UK’ – 12 percent of residents plan to serve up a vegan festive feast. In Scotland, however, just five percent are making plant-based preparations.

Supermarket vegan options

If you want proof of just how many people are opting for plant-based alternatives, you no longer have to seek out a branch of Whole Foods to pick up a Tofurky – there are many options are regular supermarkets.

Tesco is selling cauliflower wellingtons (£6) and festive nut roasts with mulled wine and cranberry (£3.50), while Waitrose has vegan chocolate tortes (£15) as well as a vegan Christmas cake (£7.50).

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco’s Chief Customer Officer, said: “Our research found that, by and large, we’re still a nation of traditionalists – but with a third of people mixing things up at Christmas each year, that is changing.”