Reading Time: < 1 minute Chef Day Radley is known for her Facebook Live 'Cookalongs'
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Vegan chef, presenter, and writer Day Radley has released a cookbook aimed at tackling difficult relationships with food – as well as providing delicious and user-friendly recipes.

Radley – aka Vegan Chef Day – who is known for her Facebook Live ‘cookalong’ videos, creates quick and easy, affordable vegan recipes that are gluten-free and healthy.

In her first book, Love. Food, Radley shares her chef secrets, plus the tricks and tools she devised during a three-year journey to heal her own eating disorders. Recipes are included but deconstructed so that anyone can learn how to be a creative and independent cook.

‘Not the enemy’

“We need to realise that food is not our enemy and make friends with it again”, says Radley.

“Have fun with it and seek out easy and quick recipes that fit in with our hectic lives. Luckily this is the way I cook, so my teaching and the food I make go hand-hand. Put simply, Love. Food is 28-day plan to let go of chaotic eating and fall back in love with food.

“I knew that publishing just a collection of recipes would not help anyone to make a real lasting change. We have access to limitless meal ideas online but this nation still isn’t cooking or eating well. The problem isn’t lack of recipes. It’s mindset. It’s the relationship we have with food that needs to change.”

Vegan Chef Day is due to appear in the UK’s first vegan cooking show, debuting in 2019. She is a regular festival presenter and cooking demonstrator and will next be appearing at Bristol Vegfest, May 27.

Love.Food isavailable from Amazon now

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