Reading Time: < 1 minute A taste of the Caribbean is coming to Shoreditch
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A vegan Caribbean pop-up described as ‘a theatrical trip through several delectable courses’ is coming to London.

The event, More Thyme for Plantain Banquet – which will take place in Shoreditch on September 12 – will offer guests an eight-course meal, along with live musical performances.

The musical line-up includes Bizzrock, Teesa, and Iaso.

The food

Before the meal begins properly, diners will enjoy a Plantain Papaya & Pineapple Smoothie Shot, which event hosts say will ‘prepare your belly for the delicious treats to follow’.

The rest of the meal includes: Plantain Ceviche, Courgette Tartar, and Baigan Choka – which is smokey aubergine with roasted plantain, thyme, beetroot, and pomegranate.

That’s not all – further courses are: Plantain Kamut Sourdough and Mezze Dips, Mini Pastels, a nut roast called the Island Roast.

Pudding is a dish called Thyme For Something Sweet: “A light fragrant thyme sponge made using green pea flour; served with plantain and sea moss jelly, plantain coconut ice cream and sweet, sticky caramelised seeds.”


According to Electric Future Foods, the organizer of More Thyme for Plantain Banquet: “We cook delicious food, which happens to be free from meat, dairy, and refined sugars, some call it vegan, we prefer plant-based, or even ‘electric’. 

“We promote the use of ‘high frequency’ and ‘electric foods’, using the understanding that the body is electric, and requires food of high conductivity to function properly. 

“The food we design is inspired by our Caribbean backgrounds – a place where flavour is a prerequisite in every dish.”

Tickets cost £35 and are availablehere.


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