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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Two activists known as the ‘Vegan Bros’ have launched their own vodka – called ‘Vodka is Vegan’.

Matt and Phil Letten say they want to reach the types of people who aren’t natural converts to the vegan movement – an approach that has garnered criticism due to their permissive attitudes around issues like eating honey.

New launch

But the Letten brothers have shrugged off the criticism, saying their approach is effective. Now in a bid to further entice people to the movement they are launching the vodka, which they describe as ‘the easiest (and most fun) “foot-in-the-door” to veganism the world has ever seen.

“What we learned on that journey is that the most important step someone can take toward going vegan is their first step,” they explained. “Also known in marketing as the ‘foot-in-the-door’. After that, it’s basically just a matter of time before they take more steps and eventually go all the way.”

They say they use ‘only the best corn from 100 percent Midwest American farmers’, which is distilled five times, and tested 14 times per day during production ‘to ensure the highest quality standards’.

‘Vodka is vegan’

The Vegan Bros describe how they started using the slogan ‘Vodka is Vegan’, adding: “It quickly became the most effective vegan t-shirt we’ve ever seen, as well as the title of our best-selling book. And we are excited to announce that the battle is finally over. 

“The magical elixir to take this shit to the stratosphere is finally here. Introducing Vodka Is Vegan Premium Vodka (aka the Tipping Point). Weighing in at just 750 ML, VIV came here to save a lost and a dying world. And to provide it with the smoothest tasting vodka either of us has ever tried. 

“Basically, VIV is the greatest vodka in the history of the world. And it’s on a mission to save all the animals. Do a shot for those motherf*ckers. Currently available at select locations in NY and CO. But this is just the beginning. Expansion vibes coming soon.”

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