Reading Time: 2 minutes The buns currently have an introductory price of £1.10 (Photo: Make No Bones)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegan brioche buns have launched in around 150 Waitrose stores across the U.K.

The buns were created by Sheffield-based eatery Make No Bones in partnership with the renowned Fletchers Bakery of South Yorkshire.

Make No Bones originally just wanted to serve the buns in-house, but they have become so popular, they are now available nationwide in Tesco, as well as via the new listing in Waitrose.

‘New and exciting vegan food’

“When I started Make No Bones back in 2013 my dream was to get new and exciting vegan food in front of as many people as possible,” Dave Shaw of Make No Bones said.

“Welcoming Waitrose as a stockist means we are one step closer to achieving that dream.

“The entire team at Make No Bones is thrilled to have our bread sold in Waitrose stores across the country, especially since they have a great range of vegan products with which to fill our brioche rolls.”


Aileen Wood, buyer for Bakery at Waitrose, added: “We are excited to be launching these delicious vegan alternative rolls. At Waitrose, our vegan options are extremely popular with all our customers, not just those following a vegan lifestyle, so we know our shoppers will love these.

“The rolls will be a great addition to our shelves this barbecue season and will pair perfectly with our fabulous selection of vegan patties and burgers.”

Make No Bones vegan brioche buns are available at the introductory price of £1.10 at Waitrose until July 14, 2020. Regular Waitrose price will be £1.30.

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