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Vegan Swedish brand Oumph! has won Best Food Product of the Year for its Kebab Spiced product, awarded by Food Matters Live.

In addition, Oumph! The Chunk has been awarded Gold by the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards, in the category Food For Food Service.

‘Excited and honored’

“We are excited and honored to win two such prestigious awards”, Anna-Kajsa Lidell, Co-founder & Head of Progress Strategy at Food for Progress, the Swedish company behind plant-based success brand Oumph! said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“We are currently building collaborations with restaurants and food service companies in the UK and we believe these awards will help put Oumph! on the map.”

Food service industry

Oumph! products are starting to appear on an increasing number of menus across the UK, with Busaba Eathai, Hilton Hotels, and Sodexo food services serving them.

They are even more widely available in Sweden and other Nordic countries, where they are on the menu on multiple leading fast food, cafe and restaurant chains, including Max Burgers, O’Learys Sports bars, Wayne’s Coffee, Peppe’s Pizza and Pizza Hut.

“We aim to further build on this success in the UK. When more and more restaurants put the brand name Oumph! on their menus, it helps reassure the consumers that they are getting a high-quality plant protein product. It also highlights a product that has the potential to really ignite a change towards resource efficient, climate-friendly food consumption, due to its epic texture and taste”, said Anna-Kajsa Lidell.

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