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Vegan brand Naturli Foods‘ has opened its first flagship store in Copenhagen.

The company hit UK headlines when retail giant Sainsbury’s starting stocking its plant-based mince and burgers in the meat aisle of 400 stores.

Following the meat launch, the supermarket started stocking Naturli’s vegan butter alternative – with the Danish brand suggesting more products will follow.

The future of plant-based foods

Speaking about the store, Naturli’ Foods said: “Beside from stocking every single one of our products (in Denmark that’s over 40 plant-based products) it’s also where we’ll meet our customers and hear what they have to say about the future of plant-based foods.”

Henrik Lund, Director of Naturli ‘Foods, added that the company wants to talk directly to its customers, rather than ‘analyze’ them, saying it’s more interesting to ‘hear people tell about what they like and do not like to eat’.

He said this feedback will be used in producing and developing new foods, saying if customers don’t like certain options, ‘it does not make sense to produce them’.