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Vegan brand, Elliot Footwear, has debuted its first ‘climate positive’ sneaker collection.

‘Buckling from consumerism’

The company, which has currently raised $8,762 through the fundraiser Indiegogo, was founded by Mikkel Bang, Lars Balstrup Joergensen, and Sam Carew, after the trio felt like the ‘environment [was] on the verge of buckling from consumerism’.

Each pair of Elliot sneakers are said to offset one tonne of CO2 emissions and are made from microfiber – a vegan alternative to leather.

The R-Cancas models are also made with ‘state-of-the-art recycled fabric, produced with solar-powered energy’ which uses ‘almost no water or greenhouse gases’.

‘A climate agenda’

According to VegNews, Bang said: “Lars, Sam and I have a common passion for aesthetic sneakers and we wanted to create a company that not only delivered the perfect silhouette but also pushed the boundaries of how sustainable brands can help the planet

“After a year in the works, we came up with Elliott, a vegan, recyclable, and climate-positive footwear brand; a brand with a climate agenda and what we believe are great-looking sneakers.”

The cruelty-free collection is currently on an introductory offer of $89, saving customers $220.

Liam Giliver

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