Reading Time: < 1 minute The handheld pot pies (Photo: Alpha Foods)
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A range of vegan pies will be launched in Walmarts across the States in August, according to a report by leading vegan media outlet VegNews.

The pies, made by Alpha Foods, come in four flavors – Beefy Cheddar, Chik’n Veggie, Pizza, and Buffalo Chik’n.

They will launch in selected Wegmens and Kroger outlets in June and July respectively, prior to their Walmart debut.


According to Alpha Foods Co-founders Loren Wallis & Cole Orobetz: “[Our] handheld pot pies have a golden, flaky pastry stuffed with meat-free protein and savory sauces. Every delicious, hearty bite is packed with plant protein that you can enjoy on the go.

“Why did we go to such lengths to create foods that are 100 percent plant-based? Because we know that plant-based foods are good for our health, improve animal welfare, and support a more sustainable world.

“It’s a choice we feel good about, and we hope you do too.”

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