Reading Time: < 1 minute The producers said they spent months tweaking the recipe (Photo: Vegan Cartel)
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A new vegan bacon – labeled ‘dangerously addictive’ by its makers has hit the market.

The bacon – by Vegan Cartel – is made from seitan – is currently available in an 80g pack costing £4.20. According to the website, larger sizes (150g/£7.77 and 300g/£14.20) will be available soon.

According to the company: “This plant-based bacon is a result of months of experimenting with a different combinations of ingredients in order to find the perfect recipe. It is rich in Protein, B12, love and magic. Will definitely destroy your cravings and make your body and soul feel good.”

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Bacon, tho

Bacon is often considered one of the most difficult animal products to ditch. Speaking about his transition to plant-based diet last month, controversial YouTuber Logan Paul admitted he craved it. When asked what he missed eating the most now, he said: “Bacon. I miss bacon.”

But it is also a highly processed, and unhealthy food, with many health specialists recommending that people cut it out: The World Health Organization has branded bacon a carcinogen. A study published earlier this year concluded that processed meat including bacon and sausages can increase the risk of breast cancer in older women.

In a bid to tackle the health risk posed by bacon, the meat industry invested a staggering £13.5 million into developing a nitrate-free version. But speaking in a video, Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell removing the cancer-causing nitrates did not make bacon healthy, describing it as ‘a toxic cocktail of saturated fat, cholesterol, hormones, and animal protein’.

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