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Vegan athlete, Dana Glowacka, has broken the women’s World Record for the longest abdominal plank.

Glowacka, who came second in the International World Cup Plank Challenge in Beijing back in 2016, managed to hold the plank position for a staggering four hours and 20 minutes.

‘I’m so grateful’

“I’m so grateful. Truly, if you put the whole of you in what you believe, you gonna make it! Thank you,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I have been training for four years with George Hood. Four years with four hours and 20 minutes done. It takes the mind to keep the body up.”

Glowacka, who has practiced Ashtanga and Yin -Yoga for years to help with balance, was asked by vegan apparel company, Plantpump, whether or not she was vegan.

“Yes, I’m a vegan athlete. Spirulina [is] in my blood,” she replied.

The athlete snatched the record with her incredible performance

World Record holders

Glowacka isn’t the only vegan athlete to compete for a World Record title. Last year, iconic distance runner, Fiona Oakes, scored her fourth Guinness World Record.

Oakes’ most recent achievement was for the ‘Fastest Half Marathon Runner In An Animal Costume (female)’ which she completed last June.

After her record was approved, Oaks dedicated the honor to ‘Vegan Power’ – stating it was ‘for the animals, the people, and the planet’.

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