Reading Time: < 1 minute Some bowls feature cauliflower rice in place of conventional rice (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

California-based food company Green Giant Fresh is set to launch a series of vegan
ready-made microwavable bowls this spring.


The bowls
come in six flavors – including a Pad Thai Bowl, Burrito Bowl, ‘Fried Rice’ Bowl, Rancheros Bowl, Buddha Bowl, and Ramen Bowl – and use vegetable spirals and ‘rice’ in place of conventional rice and noodles.

With each
of the vegetable based meal bowls – some of which contain legumes – comes a flavour
packet filled with seasoning of sauce.

Company CEO
Jamie Strachan said
: “This innovative new line includes deliciously distinct
world flavors in microwave-safe bowls that are made exclusively with fresh


Two of the
bowls are already available at select US locations, and the rest are scheduled roll
out nation wide late this spring.

explained that the line is a response to growing demand ‘for healthy and
nutritious foods, swaps and meal alternatives’ and expects more to come.

He said: “Look
for us to regularly introduce unique new mixes, blends and meal-ready products;
many of which can be heated and served right in their containers.”

Emily Court

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