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The UK’s first vegan bacon sandwich is launching in London next week.

The vegan THIS Isn’t Bacon sandwich will become available in 23 Coco di Mama stores across London on Wednesday September 11 costing £2.95. It comes on either white or multigrain sourdough baguette and your choice of Ketchup or HP.

The sandwich, which clocks in at 295 kcals compared to a regular bacon sandwich at 492 kcals, will also be available to deliver direct to your home or office via Coco Delivers or on Deliveroo.

Healthier than animal bacon

According to medic Dr. Magda Robinson, the vegan alternative is nutritionally proven to be better for a hangover than a real bacon sandwich.

“The nutrition is vastly superior to bacon – I’m especially impressed at the extremely low levels of fat and saturated fat and the much lower levels of salt. The high protein content makes it very filling,” she said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Being nitrite and nitrate-free means that it won’t increase the risk of bowel and stomach cancer like processed meat does: Bacon is now a Group 1 carcinogen (known to cause cancer). The nitrites and nitrates of processed meat are broken down into N-nitroso compounds which damage the bowel cells and cause cancer.”

‘New territory’

Andy Shovel, Co-Founder of THIS, added: “Launching the UK’s first vegan bacon sandwich with Coco di Mama is exciting new territory for us.

“THIS aims to be the go-to plant-based brand for meat-lovers and our partnership with Coco is the perfect way to branch out into breakfast.”

“The THIS Isn’t Bacon sandwich is nutritionally proven to be better for hangovers and we’re glad that we can be there for the nation in their times of hungover-need – and we’re pretty sure they won’t tell the difference.”

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