Reading Time: < 1 minute Waitrose now offers a range of vegan products (Photo: Waitrose)
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UK retailer Waitrose has confirmed it is in the process of introducing vegan labeling for its own-brand products.

The announcement follows the #MarkItVegan campaign by animal rights organization Animal Aid, which calls for all major supermarkets to
label their own-brand vegan products clearly.

Waitrose’s news means the majority of supermarkets have now committed to the labeling, including Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Morrisons, and Iceland. Before the #MarkItVegan campaign only Sainsbury’s and the Co-op consistently labeled in this way. Now Lidl is the only major supermarket still to commit.

Vegan benefits

In a statement to Plant Based News, Animal Aid Campaign Manager, Tod Bradbury said: “This news will delight the over 500,000 vegans, as well the 22 million reducetarians in the UK. It will also be great news for those people who purchase food for vegan family members.

“Clearly labeling products as ‘suitable for vegans’ in some way has a host of benefits: firstly, it enables those of us who avoid animal products entirely to easily find which products are vegan. Secondly, it also helps non-vegans realize how many delicious vegan options there truly is to choose from.

“When veganism is presented as something that is normal, those who may be a little skeptical are more inclined to give it a try.”

Work is being done

According to Animal Aid, Waitrose is gradually introducing the labeling, saying that ‘a lot of work has already been done’ in this area, and this will continue.

It should be noted that the label will not appear on products that ‘may contain traces of’ dairy or other animal products.

The news follows recent developments by the supermarket to cater to vegan consumers -including launching a dedicated vegan section and introducing new plant-based products.

Maria Chiorando

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