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In this exclusive video, Shireen Kassam – a Consultant Haematologist at Kings College Hospital in London – talks to PBN about why she recommends a whole food plant-based diet.

She says: “I mainly look after patients with lymphomas, so a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.

“Patients, when they see me, obviously have a diagnosis of cancer and one of the first things they ask is ‘what can I do, is there anything in the diet?’.

Brian Horne found a plant-based diet helped him tackle a number of health issues


“I tell them what I’ve learned in the last four years – that the plant-based diet is the most healthful.

“One of my patients Brian Horne adopted a plant-based diet following his treatment for lymphoma.

“I’m not saying at all this diet is going to prevent the lymphoma coming back, but what it’s going to help to do, is prevent and hopefully avoid the side effects of the treatment that we’ve given.”


According to the doctor: “Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can increase your risk of other cancers, they increase your risk of heart disease, lung disease (depending on which bits have been eradiated) and so to maintain an optimal health, and try and reduce the risk of these diseases, I encourage my patients to be on a whole food, plant-based diet.”

“Brian has managed to get his BMI down from 30 to 25, his blood pressure is now normal, he’s full of energy and has derived personal benefit.”

You canfind out about Brian Horne’s story on YouTube here

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