Type 2 Diabetic Normalizes Blood Glucose In 8 Weeks On Plant-Based Diet

Type 2 Diabetic Normalizes Blood Glucose In 8 Weeks On NFI Protocol


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Brian Walsh before starting the protocol  - Media Credit:
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A type 2 diabetes patient and vegan for over six-years has revealed how he normalized his blood glucose levels in under eight weeks – by following an advanced plant-based protocol.

Brian Walsh followed the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) protocol, a whole-food, plant-based approach, founded by David Hickman and Zuzana Plevova, that goes one step further, by mixing and matching different plant foods in combinations that are tailored to an individual.

The protocol was recently trialed at a National Institute in Slovakia, yielding impressive results, with a 96.5 percent type 2 diabetes remission rate in patients that have completed the protocol. The results, some of which have been released in leading diabetes magazine Diabetik, are expected to be published in scientific journals in full by the end of the year.

Change through diet

In an exclusive interview with Plant Based News (see below) Brian Walsh explained his success with the diet: “Before the NFI diet, I used to eat an average vegan diet, which wasn’t improving my health or diabetes in any way.

“The difference with the NFI plan is that it’s personalized to your chemistry, so you give the NFI team your blood glucose readings, your weight, and other data, and they tailor it to you. Every two weeks, they take more readings and adjust the plan to fit what is necessary for progress.

Walsh says one of the best things about following the protocol, which includes meals like kale soup, chili, and stuffed peppers, has been watching weight come off at a steady rate. He has lost just over 20lb in eight weeks, going from 205lb to 184lb in that time.

Blood glucose

In addition to weight loss, he has seen his blood glucose go down from 8 mmol/L to in the fives.

“I’m getting readings now where I’m not technically diabetic,” he said. “I’m getting readings below 5.6 and as low as 5.2.”

‘No negatives’

Overall, he says the experience has been a positive one, without any calorie-counting, or hard-to-find ingredients.

“I did the NFI plan because like a lot of people, I was at the point where I needed to make a change, and didn’t know where to turn. This just seemed to pop-up at the right time for me,” said Brian.

“I’d wholly recommend it to anybody because this has made such a difference to my life, it’s hard to comprehend how quick the changes were.”

Not an anomaly

NFI Founder David Hickman told PBN: “Brian’s results are great, it’s what we see a lot in patients. He is really typical of what we have seen in more than 500 patients, so we’re very happy for him, and really pleased he’s following the diet.

“At the moment all he has to do is follow it. He’s halfway through, and for halfway through, these are exactly the kind of results we expect to see.”

You can find out more about the NFI Protocol here

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