Reading Time: 2 minutes Janka Brezinová transformed her life following the protocol (Photo: PBN)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A type 2 diabetes patient who changed her diet has lost 39kg and ditched 95 percent of her medication.

Janka Brezinová, 48, transformed her health after following the Natural Food Interaction (NFI) protocol.

Natural Food Interaction Protocol

The Natural Food Interaction (NFI) protocol, a personalized whole-food plant-based diet plan, has yielded impressive results so far in an ongoing National Trial in Slovakia, with 82.9 percent of patients reported to have stopped all medication within 20 weeks.*

These results are currently being submitted to a number of leading journals by acclaimed diabetes researcher Professor Emil Martinka, including Forum Diabeticum, Diabetes and Obesity, and Diabetes Care.

Specifically tailored

The NFI protocol, which was founded by businessman David Hickman and biomolecular scientist Zuzana Plevova, is specifically tailored to individuals based on height, weight, age, sex, medication and associated diagnoses.

Designed for type 2 diabetics, the plan is nutritionally balanced, doesn’t require patients to restrict calories and is reported to lead to normalization of blood glucose as well as an average 3kg weekly weight loss.

Health changes

Brezinová says she has turned her life around after following the protocol. She has reduced her weight from 118kg to 78kg, and slashed her body fat percentage, since adopting the diet in February of this year.

Brezinová reveals that even with a specific diet, tablets, and insulin therapy, she suffered damage to her organs over 20 years of having type 2 diabetes.

Although she has dropped 95 percent of her medication, Brezinová represents a rare case of not being in full remission because of issues with pancreatic damage, which is believed to be due to excessive medication over the years.

‘Very happy’

Despite this, she is happy with her progress: “At the beginning, it was difficult, so it was great that the first results came very quickly,” she said. “I feel very good and am finally able to do sports activities that I didn’t have enough energy to do before. I love swimming and wellness.

“I like very long walks with my dog Miss Masenka, and I do not care if it is sunny, raining or windy. I need fresh air and movement now that I have the energy to get out there.

“Even though I am not following the diet any more, this way of eating has become my lifestyle. I alternate vegetarian recipes I find with recipes from the NFI protocol.”

NFI meal plans are available to the public

You can find out more about the NFI diet here, including testimonials. The public can purchase NFI meal plans here.

*The NFI Protocol results in 82.9 percent of patients stopping all medication within 20 weeks (based on verifiable data from 831 people). With medical supervision, the type 2 diabetes reversal rate on the NFI protocol is 93.6 percent (based on Dr. Lejavova’s cohort of 117 patients).

**This article was updated on January 2 to include the latest data from the NFI trial.

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