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Social media users have criticized Topshop for selling a T-shirt that says ‘vegan’ – but features a non-vegan cake recipe on the label.

The pink shirt from UK high street retailer is emblazoned with the word ‘vegan’, and a picture of a baby dinosaur. The label inside the collar of the shirt features a cake recipe – which includes eggs and butter among the ingredients.

A Topshop spokesperson said the label is in all clothes from that line – and does not reflect the message on the front of the shirt.


People have taken to social media to blast the mistake. One Twitter user wrote: “Topshop may want to check what vegan means.”

Another added: “We were so excited to buy this today and then saw that the label has a recipe in it containing three large eggs?

“Can you explain?”


But one vegan fashion fan said they still thought the shirt was positive.

Taking to social media, they tweeted: “So many people are complaining about this – but I say all publicity is good publicity. 

“Once again the word ‘vegan’ is in the spotlight. 

“And the fact a big shop like Topshop is spreading the message is exciting – it shows the movement is becoming more mainstream.”