Reading Time: < 1 minute The faux gras is just as tasty as the traditional variety - and kinder to animals too (Photo: BOSH!)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

French chef – and owner of Gauthier Soho – Alex Gauthier, has teamed up with the plant-based foodies at BOSH! to share his recipe for ‘faux gras’.

According to the traditionally-trained French chef: “In France, people love foie gras. So I’ve developed a recipe where I will have the same kind of texture and deliciousness of foie gras without killing any animals, and any abuse involved.

“It’s based on lentils, walnuts, shallots…it’s delicious, if you serve that on toasted bread, it’s actually better than foie gras.”

Vegan foie gras – created by a top French chef

Exciting change

Gauthier says that over the years, he has cooked lots of meat, fish, and dishes like foie gras.

“Until the day I realized it wasn’t for me anymore,” he adds. “I’m trying to rethink my entire food knowledge and re-write all the rules of cooking and eating with a vegan perspective.

“It’s really exciting, and a bit of a midlife crisis I guess. Some people buy a brand new Harley Davidson. I didn’t do that – I just went vegan.”


According to BOSH!, the recipe is quick and easy to make, as well as being plant-based.

Ian from BOSH! says: “This is arguably one of the tastiest pâtés I have ever eating.

“This man is a genius!”

You canwatch the video – and find the full recipe – on YouTube here

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