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Canada’s first conference on plant-based nutrition and health will take place in Toronto on June 1.

The event has been organized by the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine (CALM) and Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, a member organization of the True Health Initiative and British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Plant-based health

It will ‘provide evidence-based education in the field of plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease’, according to event information.

“The conference is aimed at health professionals, both medical and allied medical professionals, and members of the public,” say organizers.

“The topics covered include the role of nutrition in obesity and diabetes, cardiac health, cancer, and mental health. We will bust some commonly held myths of a plant-based diet, discuss the global impact of our food choices and much more.”

The keynote speaker is Dr. David Jenkins, Professor, and Canada Research Chair, in the Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Medicines, the Director of the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Center, and a Scientist in the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital.

Using plant-based nutrition

“This conference is aimed primarily at health professionals in order to encourage and facilitate the use of plant-based nutrition in daily clinical practice,” Dr. Shireen Kassam, Founder of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK and Consultant Haematologist, told Plant Based News.

“However, it is open to the general public as the information being shared impacts all our lives. Often real change is only brought about through public demand.”

You can find out more about the event here

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