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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The world’s top 10 most vegan-friendly countries throughout 2018 have been revealed.

Using Google Trends data, online food blog Chef’s Pencil, compiled the list which compares the popularity of veganism across the world.

Most vegan countries

“Google assigns a score for each location (broken down by country and city) that shows the interest level of a given topic by comparing searches made for that topic to all Google searches made in that particular location,” says Chef’s Pencil.

“For example, if Google assigns a 100 score to Australia for veganism searches and a 78 score for the United States, it means that the percentage of Aussies who searched for veganism is much higher than the percentage of Americans searching for the same topic.

“It doesn’t mean that, in absolute terms, there were more searches for veganism in Australia compared to the US – this would be quite unusual as Australia has a population 10 times smaller than the US.”

Top 10 vegan

Australia topped the list once more, retaining its 2017 ranking, with a ‘vegan popularity score’ of 100. “Veganism has become hugely popular in Australia and more and more Aussies are turning to a plant-based diet,” said Chef’s Pencil. “Proof: Australia was the 3rd fastest growing market for vegan products in 2018, according to Euromonitor International.”

The UK came in second place – climbing up from third in 2017 – with a score of 98. “It is thought that the Veganuary campaign, where people eat vegan for the month of January, has contributed substantially to the rise of veganism in the UK,” said Chef’s Pencil.

With a score of 87, New Zealand clinched the third spot, rising from its fourth ranking in 2017. “Kiwis’ appetite for an exclusively plant-based diet has soared recently, so much so that vegan product suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand,” claims the blog.

Sweden was in fourth (dropping from second), followed by Canada, Israel, the US, Ireland, Austria, and Germany.

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