Reading Time: < 1 minute The National Pizza Awards search high and low for the tastiest treats (Photo: David Nuescheler)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The prestigious National Pizza Awards has ranked a vegan pizza in its top 10.

The Liber pizza, from The Dolphin pub in Wellington, Somerset, was awarded sixth place.

The tasty meal is topped with vegan green pesto, caper berries, vegetarian sausage, and fresh and sun-dried tomatoes.


According to Dophin chef Anna Gorman: “Although I cook meat for customers my partner and I are vegetarians and two of my children have dairy intolerance. 

“This has meant I have had to adapt many recipes and come up with new ones, sometimes through trial and error and sometimes through investigating recipes and vegan substitutes that I had not come across in more traditional cooking.”


She adds: “I had a Bristol pub for 15 years and The Dolphin in Wellington for five, and we have always catered for vegans and vegetarians.

“They have just as much right to go out and enjoy a really good meal as carnivores. 

“Sadly, there is a historic lack of empathy and interest within the culinary world.”


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