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PVH Corp – the parent company of designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein amongst others – has banned the use of exotic skins.

According to animal-rights charity PETA, a spokesperson for PVH Corp said the move is part of the brand’s ‘long-term strategy to drive fashion forward for good’.

‘A better fashion industry’

 “At Tommy Hilfiger, we’re committed to creating a better fashion industry by creating fashion that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All,’” the fashion house said in an online statement.

“We have always, and will always, take the environment, human rights, our community, and related matters very seriously, which is why we don’t use fur or exotic skins in any of our collections. Together, we can drive fashion forward for good.”

‘Compassionate decision’

According to PETA, Calvin Klein became the first major fashion designer to stop selling fur back in 1994. 

PVH Corp also pulled ‘all items made of angora’ from its shelves back in 2013 following an investigation into rabbit farms in China. More recently, the company has committed to removing all mohair items from stores by the end of the year – a move PETA dubbed as a ‘compassionate decision’. 

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