Reading Time: 2 minutes Tofurky sales have increased since the COVID-19 outbreak (Photo: Tofurky)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

A leading vegan food company has seen its sales surge amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Tofurky says its growth doubled in March, compared to January and February, before the COVID-19 outbreak.

‘Sales shot up’

“In March, our sales shot up around 37 percent growth over March 2019, which was almost exactly twice the growth rate that we saw in January and February, before the Covid-19 outbreak,” Seth Tibbott, founder and chair of plant-based brand said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

“Health, concern for animals, and environmental reasons all play a part in driving this upward trend, and with the advancements in flavor and texture of plant-based products, this is also a major reason for the category’s expansion.”

Meat reducers

Tibbott is working with the No Meat May campaign, which supports people as they ditch meat throughout the month. It says it has seen sign-ups skyrocket this year, with 2020 numbers already standing at 25,000 – compared to 10,000 in 2019. The organizers say they are ‘astounded’ by the record number of sign-ups to this year’s campaign during the current coronavirus crisis.

Ryan Alexander, No Meat May’s Co-founder, said: “It’s hard to say what the Covid-19 effect is, and whether people are drawing the connection between intensive factory farms and public health concerns, or simply want to learn a new way to cook, and experience the benefits of plant based eating whilst in lockdown.

“We aim to survey participants on their reasons for taking the No Meat May pledge this year, to discover whether the current crisis is having a major effect on people’s eating habits.”

You can find out more about No Meat May here

Robbie Lockie

Robbie is the cofounder & director of Plant Based News.