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A tick which can cause meat allergy in people it bites has been spotted in northern Wisconsin.

The Lone Star Tick – aka the Amblyomma americanum – is not native to the state and isn’t typically found there.

According to Susan Paskewitz, the chair of the Entomology Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the tick likely arrived north by attaching itself to an animal or bird who traveled to the area.

Lone Star Tick

Allergist Scott Commins, Associate Professor of medicine at University of North Carolina, told Fox News that the ‘range of the Lone Star tick is increasing and expanding’.

Back in 2017, it was reported that while the Lone Star-induced allergy was previously only reported in the southeastern United States, it had recently started to spread through Minnesota, Hanover, New Hampshire and as far as Long Island.


Now according to reports, the tick has even been spotted in Canada, in Southern Ontario.

A woman brought a Lone Star tick into the Oakridge Animal Clinic in London, Ontario, saying she had removed it from her car, who had not been traveling and so must have picked up the tick locally.

“It’s a very scary tick. It carries diseases that can be transmitted to dogs, but also to humans,” vet Dr. Gillian Egli, owner of Oakridge Animal Clinic, told CTV News London.

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