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The Filthy Vegan has become Nottingham’s first fast-food takeaway to serve exclusively plant-based food.

Its vegan kebab, which contains less than 600 calories and more than 25g of protein, is made primarily from soy and comes with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, cabbage, sriracha, and homemade garlic mayo.

Changing meat-eaters’ perceptions

James Freeman and Joe Johnson, the owners of The Filthy Vegan, said they wanted to ‘change the perception from meat eaters that vegan food isn’t just bland and boring’.

Johnson said: “I was over at James’ house one night, we were looking to order a takeaway (suitable for vegans) when we realized the options were so limited. Of course, there were certain options at takeouts but we realized literally nowhere just does vegan food.

“We want to give vegans an option where they can call a place, with confidence that everything on the menu is vegan.”

‘The response has been crazy’

“The response has been crazy. We set ourselves a target last Friday and we sold out by Wednesday. This week, we have increased our quota, significantly, and have already sold out again! We are currently exploring different avenues to be able to accommodate the extra orders we are receiving. Our phones are pretty much on charge constantly to be able to respond to all the interest,” Johnson added.

Following the success of the vegan kebab, which costs £6, more vegan options will be available from The Filthy Vegan in the future.

Orders by Thursday evening at the latest in time for Friday deliveries, which are made between 7 pm and 9 pm

*This article was updated on August 28 after the company changed its name from The Dirty Vegan to The Filthy Vegan

Liam Giliver

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