Reading Time: < 1 minute Smoked Tomato Bruschetta is just one of five new vegan dishes (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

TGI Fridays
has added five completely vegan menu options to menus across the UK.

already hopped on the Meatless Monday bandwagon, and introduced the Beyond
in the US – the popular American chain is bringing its UK locations up
to speed.


entirely plant-based range includes Smoked Tomato Bruschetta, Roasted Veg Alfredo
Pasta, Garlic Ciabatta Bread, Avocado Houmous, and a Garlic Veg Fajita.

The updated
menus mark vegan options with the code ‘VG’, and have a number of options
marked ‘V’ for vegetarian – with pricing starting at just £3.49, for the Garlic Ciabatta Bread.

Also offered are a number of vegan side dishes, such as Asian Slaw and Crispy Fries.


Fridays UK’s Head of Food and Drink and new menu creator, Terry McDowell said
time was right’ to meet growing demand for vegan products.

added: “Fridays is all about being inclusive and the latest menu change allows
us to cater to everyone who wants to try Fridays’ famous, bold flavors.”

Emily Court

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