Reading Time: < 1 minute Cauli'flower is well-known among vegan social media influencers (Photo: CHICO)
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Stars attending the Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party were served delicious plant-based snacks.

Topping the menu was vegan cauliflower crust pizza, which was tasted by television stars celebs including Hayley Orrantia of The Goldberg’s, Mark Pellegrino of Lost, and Elias Harger of Fuller House.


According to organizers, the celebs all gave the plant-based cuisine an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

Cali’flour Foods founder Amy Lacey called the evening a ‘spectacular way to highlight the pizza crusts’.

She added: “This was another great event.”

If you fancy trying the vegan flavor of the crust (Italian), US-based readers can pick them up at local retailers in California and online.


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