Reading Time: 2 minutes Dr. T Colin Campbell said fat-rich whole foods like nuts offer health benefits 
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Acclaimed plant-based expert Dr. T Colin Campbell has criticized the idea that ‘the fat you eat is the fat you wear’.

The notion is popular with the pioneering Dr. John McDougall, who has said that ‘the body does the most efficient thing possible with fat’ and ‘just moves it from the fork and spoon to your abdominal fat stores, from my lips to my hips’.

But in a recent interview with his son Nelson Campbell, Dr. T Colin Campbell dismissed this notion, saying ‘it doesn’t work that way biochemically’ and ‘we should not be making that statement’.


During his interview, Nelson Campbell asked his father: “I hear a lot of people advocating against the consumption of whole foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and coconuts. What do you think about that and this notion of the fat you eat is the fat you wear?”

Dr. T. Colin Campbell replied: “First off, the fat you eat is the fat you wear, that’s a very superficial comment to make. It doesn’t work that way biochemically, we should not be making that statement, first off.”

Whole foods

He added: “Secondly, what we talk about that may be problematic is the added oil isolated from the whole food. The food itself, like nuts and seeds and so forth and so on, there’s a reason for nature putting that in there. It enables them to get a kickstart when they start growing new plants, as an aside. But to say that the whole food is the problem also is not correct.

“In fact, the evidence shows that nuts, lot of evidence, very convincing evidence, that nuts if anything, have a benefit. They’re rich in vitamin E, for example, and I’ve known that for decades. A lot of us in the business have known that. And to eat nuts, of course, is higher in fat for a specific reason. We don’t want to just make a whole meal just of nuts and seeds, quite frankly, but that’s good food and evidence shows it’s good food. It’s that simple.”

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