Reading Time: < 1 minute The brand is also working on developing vegan tuna (Photo: Hooked)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Swedish startup Hooked is developing a vegan shredded salmon, as demand for seafood alternatives ‘rapidly increase’.

Founded by Emil Wasteson and Tom Johansson, the brand aims to ‘mimic the real nutritional value’ of seafood as well as achieve ‘good texture and taste’. Hooked is also working on a plant-based alternative to tuna.

‘A large social impact’

Speaking to Food Navigator, the duo said: “It became obvious that the current seafood industry is environmentally unsustainable, and that seafood consists of more toxins than ever before.

“With the booming of plant-based foods, we saw a great market potential as well as an opportunity to make a large social impact.”

“… Changing the way we consume food is needed more than ever for us to live sustainably on the planet. Our seafood consumption has increased rapidly [over] the past 20 years and it’s estimated to grow 30 percent before 2030.”

European market

Hooked added that it will be targeting the European market where plant-based seafood options are limited – aiming to become ‘the leading plant-based seafood company in Europe’.

It also aims to launch its vegan tuna in collaboration with a co-packer in the Netherlands but has not given any specific launch details. 

Liam Giliver

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