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In this
exclusive video, Jayde Nicole chats with PBN’s Klaus Mitchell, sharing her
secrets to staying healthy, growing her social media, and educating others on
plant-based eating.

31-year-old Canadian-born supermodel has been modeling since the age of six but
says her new mission is to be an ‘educator’ – enlightening others of the
benefits of veganism.

said: “Everyone wants to be in good shape and look good, but that doesn’t
really come unless you’re healthy on the inside as well.”

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‘Not starving’

also argues that veganism can be inexpensive and allow for abundant eating,
saying that people are often surprised by how much she eats. 

“When you’re eating the right foods, you can eat a lot, so I
am never hungry,” she said. 

“I just
try to stick to real foods, and as much unprocessed stuff as I can, and I just
eat as much as I want.”

Masculinity and meat

also emphasized misconceptions around ‘masculinity’ and meat – saying that men
are conditioned to think they need to eat animals to be ‘manly’ or desirable
when, in fact, ‘quite the opposite is true’.

added: “The male vegan pool is pretty small, and most vegan girls want to date
vegan guys, so for that reason alone you should probably just go vegan.”

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