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An innovative New Zealand plant-based meat company is looking to add new products to its line-up – including vegan beef and bacon – then take them global.

Sunfed Meats, a start-up making ‘clean’ plant-based alternatives to meat, currently makes ‘chicken’ from pea protein. Products have been flying off shelves (and selling out) in NZ.

Now the company wants to add new products and increase production so it can export to countries including the UK, Australia, and the US.

‘Taste and texture’

According to Sunfed Chief Executive Shama Lee, who has overseen the production of the ‘chicken’, and now plans to launch ‘bacon’ and ‘beef’: “We’ve invented a clean water-based process by which pea protein cooks, feels and tastes exactly like chicken.

“There’s a stigma about meat alternatives, and we are the only ones with this amount of taste and texture. 

“We have a 4.5 health star rating, double the protein of chicken, triple the iron in beef. It’s very versatile, we don’t hide behind flavours or sauces.”

Lee would not discuss the key ingredient in the new bacon and beef products.

Going global

Now Sunfed, which has previously raised $1.5million in investment, is on the hunt for another cash injection (for an undisclosed amount) – so it can take the products overseas.

Lee said: “Western markets are just screaming for this so those are the ones we are aiming at. We are hoping to ramp up production 100-fold, which will give us the capacity to export.

“We’ve got a good problem, which is that we can’t meet demand. It’s the best time to scale up.”


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