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The much-anticipated London opening of the world’s first made-to-order nice-cream bar saw crowds of people queueing to get their hands on the healthy treat.

Nice-cream is made from frozen bananas. It is served with healthy toppings (think nuts and nut butters, seeds, fruit and dried fruit), to make a nutritional and delicious totally plant-based snack.

The idea for NANABAR was conceived in early 2016 by founder Justin Martin. As a type 1 diabetic, Justin found a whole-food, plant-based diet had helped him control his condition, as well as improve his energy levels and overall attitude towards life. 


After stumbling across nice-cream on Instagram, he realised it would be the perfect way to introduce more people to a healthier lifestyle. He spent some time experimenting with various flavour combinations before deciding to open the outlet.

With his business partner Olivia Whalley – who got in touch with Justin after feeling inspired to get involved with spreading the word about a whole-food, plant-based diet – the two opened the Shoreditch-based pop-up this weekend.

The pair are currently looking into investment to open a permanent location. According to Martin, speaking after the first day of business, he is feeling optimistic about the prospects of opening NANABAR fulltime.

Healthy food

He adds: “I want to get more people thinking about what they eat. I’m grateful that diabetes provided me with a reason to start thinking about how to eat healthily, but I realise it’s not always easy in the fast-paced world that we live in. 

“NANABAR will allow people to eat more healthily on-the-go, without having to sacrifice great taste, or enjoyment.”

You can find out more about NANABAR, which is on Charlotte Road in Shoreditch, here.


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